Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ana Sings "Yes Jesus Loves Me" while falling asleep.

My Daughter Ana has down syndrome it also known as Trisomy 21 a third strand of Chromosome on the 21st set of Chromosomes.  Children and people with Down Syndrome experience global delays in speech, mental development, physical development, and many other health complications and risks.  She also developed a rare from of epilepsy at about 10 months old.  These episodes of seizures that she had delayed her even more. With all these factors, she has had a hard time becoming verbal. She is also very stubborn, and that has not helped much.  She must get that trait from me. My wife and I were sitting up watching a movie a few nights ago. It was not a particularly riveting film, and so I will not tell you the name of the film for the negative backlash that it might create (seeing as it won several Oscars). I will tell you however the movie Amazing Grace dealing with the same topic was much more powerful. Maybe that is because I am a Christian, and I want my social justice to affect my personal ethic, and vice versa. So we were practically falling asleep to this film and all of a sudden we heard our daughter singing something from her room dark room while falling asleep. It was an obvious melody, even though it was hard to make out what she was singing, or trying to sing. And then it became clear. She was singing "Yes Jesus Loves Me". It was a shock, surprise, and joy to hear it. We were both shocked together, and overcome with joy that our nonverbal daughter could first of all sing, and second that she could sing of the saviors love for her.  She then sang the chorus I am pretty sure "Yes Jesus Loves Ana, so Yeah".  You listen for yourself,and tell me what you think. Pretty AWESOME!!!

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