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Book Richard To Speak For Your Event

Richard is currently serving as an evangelist, missional leader, and church planter of the newly formed LEAP Network in Germany. Most recently he was the student pastor at Creekside Community Church in San Leandro, CA for 8 years.  Richard graduated from Columbia International University (Columbia, South Carolina) in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Youth Ministry, all the while gaining valuable experience in youth ministry at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina.  Richard then moved to Savannah, Georgia where he was Minister to Students at South Effingham Community Church.  Richard returned to Columbia to finish his Masters degree in Leadership, Evangelism and Discipleship in 2004.  During his time in seminary, Richard worked as Minister to Students at Red Bank Baptist Church in Lexington, South Carolina.  He then served at Tommy’s Interactive Church in Columbia, South Carolina, where nearly the entire congregation was made up of students.  After finishing his degree, Richard worked with adolescents at a mental health hospital in Lexington, South Carolina.  Richard is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree at American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, CA (in partnership with Bakke Graduate University in Seattle) Richard is married to Simone whom he met while working with Tommy’s Interactive Church. Richard has two daughters and one son. Ana was born in 2006, Lydia was born in 2009, and Caleb was born November of 2011.  He enjoys sports, playing with his daughters, hanging out with his wife, and watching movies and their favorite TV shows together.  Richard is passionate about seeing an ever increasing number of students come to know, worship, and obey Jesus authentically. Richard has been Preaching and communicating to youth part time or full time since 1994.  His experience is vast, from speaking to small groups, to much larger crowds.  He is an engaging, funny, energetic, animated, and a passionate communicator.  He seeks to challenge students into greater relationship with the Lord or call them to make a commitment to him for the very first time.


Reference Quotes from Past Ministry Partners

“I taught Richard Moore at Columbia International University. He was a fine student and frankly turned out to be one the most gifted graduates of our Youth Ministry major. I recommend him to you without reservation.”

-Michael Holt-
Professor of Youth Ministry
Columbia International University 1991-1998

“Richard is an exceptionally gifted speaker, who puts his words into action. Even years later, I still remember some of the messages he gave at "English Camps" here in Germany.”

-Sammy Dittmann-
Youth Pastor, Baptist Church
Essen, Germany
“Richard Moore is a man of great passion for Jesus. Richard is a godly man, great husband, and dad. He has a unique gift of communicating with a rare quality of authenticity and truth-telling. Richard is one who ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

-Dr. David Olshine-
 Director of Youth Ministry, Family and Culture
Columbia International University
Co-Founder of Youth Ministry Coaches

“Richard is a gifted communicator with a heart for passionately communicating Biblical truth. His faithfulness to the Word, sensitivity to his listeners and pastoral care for people has impressed me greatly over my years of working with him. This is a man of faith boldly serving the Church and glorifying God"

-Brian Howard-
Former Program Director, Sonshine Specialized Camping Ministires
Current Student Ministries Programs Director
Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA

“I have known Richard for around 17 years. He has been a Godly man and would do whatever it takes to reach people for the cause of Christ. I was fortunate to be on the search committee and Chairman of Deacons when Richard came to Red Bank Baptist Church. I saw both of my sons grow in Christ under Richards’s leadership.”

-Rev. Grady Harmon-
Former Chairman of the Deacon Board
Red Bank Baptist Church, Lexington, SC

"I have had the privilege and the blessing of working with Richard Moore at Tommy's Interactive Church in Columbia, SC and studying with him at Columbia International University. Richard is an excellent youth pastor and a committed student of God's word. Richard is passionate about seeing youth come to know Jesus and demonstrates competence and integrity in leadership and in ministry. Despite his many proficiencies in ministry, Richard is humble and dependent on God's Spirit to lead him. Richard chooses intentionally to "put on the towel" as he models Jesus' servant leadership style. It was a pleasure working with Richard and I only regret that we do not still get the opportunity to serve together."  

-Robbie Pruitt-
High School Bible Teacher
Quisqueya Christian School
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Former leadership team, Tommy's Interactive Church

"In our day and age, it is difficult to get someone to speak who is both passionate and knowledgeable. Richard is clearly both and this makes for a great speaker to students. I believe that across the country students are hungering for the Word of God delivered passionately. Richard is God's man for the job!!!"

-Adrian Despres-
Itinerant Evangelist
Kingdom Building Ministries 
Chaplain, University of South Carolina Football Team

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