Friday, March 16, 2012

Creationism and Miracles

I am a literal six day creationist. Not so much because the science is strong toward either side. The science toward an evolutionary theory or toward a creationist theory can only substantiate Scientific Theory not Scientific Law. For theory to become law it has to be observed over and over again and neither creation nor evolution can be observed over and over again.  There are evidences toward both, but they cannot be observed, just the effects of either theory can be seen in scientific and geological record. I am a creationist because I believe in miracles. If miracles do not exist the Bible cannot be truthful. The Old Testament and the entire New Testament cannot be true or accurate in any of the historical narrative if supernatural miracles do not exist. And there is the genre of historical narrative writing all over both Testaments. Let's take the Old Testament for instance.  The story of the Sun standing still for 24 hours could not scientifically have happened. Either that happened or the historical account is untrue and the entire OT cannot be trusted. The story of Elijah calling down fire from heaven, the axe head floating, Nahman the man with leprosy being healed, Elijah going to heaven in a chariot of fire, the Israelites walking on dry ground through the Red Sea, Enoch not dying, and I could go on and on about miracles in the Old Testament record. Either these things happened literally as they are described in the historical narrative or the Bible is an untrustworthy document and has to be thrown out as fable on par with Greek Mythology. Then there are the things in the New Testament that directly relate to our faith in Jesus Christ. Do you believe scientifically that people can be raised from the dead? As Christians we believe in the historical resurrection, or do we? I think we have to believe in the bodily resurrection at least to be what the N.T. calls authentic Christians. Because as Paul describes if the resurrection did not happen we are "still in our sins and we are of all men to be pitied". Jesus himself raised people from the dead. And all the New Testament writers treated the supernatural stories of the bible as if they really happened in history. We would have to do something to dismiss these if we do not accept them as true. But the entire Bible is ripe with supernatural miracles. I think you would be hard pressed to find a single book in the entire Bible that does not have a miracle in it. After we have deconstructed the Bible and taken out the miraculous we would barely have anything left. Either you accept the miraculous or you cannot accept the Bible. There is too much you would have to explain away including the plethora (several hundred outside Genesis 1-11) of creation references including Jesus. He said, "But from the beginning of creation, God MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE." (emphasis mine) (Mark 10:6 NASB) a good article on Jesus view of Creation is found at The Institute For Creation Research website. If you are a Jesus follower I think you need to believe in the supernatural and thus the Creation account as it is written in Holy Scripture.


Erick Reinstedt said...

Thanks so much for this post! I really was blessed by it and I really like the direction you approached it from! I have a person in my life I deeply love who believes that "all this" (the world and heavens around us) couldn't be an accident, that it had to be created, but then who stumbles with the miracles in the Bible, as if the miracles are harder than creating it all in the first place. It grieves my heart as I watch him getting older and older and time getting shorter and shorter. Please keep him in your prayers, God knows who he is. Thanks for your work for His kingdom. I look forward to reading more!

Richard Moore said...

I will pray now for him that God would open his eyes especially to the supernatural work that was done for Him on the cross! God bless you. thanks for stopping by.

Erick Reinstedt said...

Thanks! Not sure if you'll check back and see my replies to your two comments on my blog, so I'll repost them below in case you don't. God bless. Maybe we'll meet in person one day since we are just "next door".

Reply to "As For Me and My House": Hi Richard! I will absolutely check out those posts. You'll see browsing back that it is a passion of mine as well. In fact I am hoping to have a paper I wrote on my "evolution" from atheist through theistic evolution to young earth creationism finished soon. It started as a quick reply to a lady who asked my about why I believe in young earth creationism and just grew. I have put in a lot in it about why I believe it is a critical issue as well. I used to think it just fun to talk about. Now I believe it a core issue in our society's future. I will post on my blog when it is available and I will have it as a free PDF in case anyone wants to read it. I look forward to "talking" soon as I visit your site. I'll sign up for email subscriptions if you have that option so I can stay current with what you are doing and God is doing in you. God bless you. —Erick

Reply to "About Me": Thanks, Richard, for the encouragement! And please tell your sister "thanks" as well. I look forward to visiting your blog and getting to know you better. I lead our youth group as well as senior pastor and my wife and I always are eager for Godly fellowship with others. I am very familiar with San Leandro. Most of my childhood trips were there to visit my grandma. I loved "Traders" sporting goods! She lived in multiple places there and in southern Oakland before going to Heaven a few years back. Maybe some time we can "meet in the middle"! My folks live on the Monterey Peninsula and we get up there now and then. We live about an hour and a half south of Salinas in a very rural part of Monterey County. God bless you! —Erick