Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Fearless: Joshua

Joshua became fearless because he trusted in God's ability In four areas

1. He trusted in God's plan (Jericho 1 and Jericho 2) Marching around the city of Jericho every day for seven days and then blowing trumpets is a pretty ridiculous battle plan, but as veggie tales tells he trusted in that plan, oh I mean as the Bible tells us. (numbers 14:6-10 Josh 6:1-7) What are some pretty ridiculous things that God asks us to do? Why do we think they are ridiculous? Do we think they are ridiculous because we don't want to do them or are they ridiculous because God is mainly testing our faith?

2. He trusted in God's presence (tent of meeting exodus 33:11) He really believes that God will go with them into the land that he promised to them. I think of Jesus in Joshua's story when Jesus promises the disciples and us that, "I will be with you until the end of the age" in what ways do you feel God's presence? What are you trusting God for until the very end of the age? Take time to meet with God in your tent of meeting regularly, Seek encounters with Him to be affirmed of His presence with you.

3. He trusted in God's courage (be strong and very courageous Josh 1:6-7;9). When I was a youth pastor in Lexington, South Carolina I would have an appointment with a student once a week and we would go out to eat at a different fast food joint every week. Our purpose was to learn how to share Christ with the employees at those places. It took a little bit of courage. But God gave it to us every time. We were able to share with someone almost every time and God came through with a great deal of courage. What is one area you need to trust Christ in to have courage? What is he asking you to do that takes a little more courage than you have to give? Lean on His courage like Joshua did.

4. He trusted in Gods law (1:6-8). What is one area of obedience right now that is hard to trust God with. What I mean is, what is one way that you are having a hard time obeying God in right now? I will be honest I am having a hard time right now being patient with people. I am asking God every day to give me His love and kindness toward people. Ask God to give you his righteousness and he will do it!
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