Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Poop At A Wedding?

I try to not be in the habit of leaving church services or meetings early, but with two small kids my habits have changed (2 and 4 years old) is anybody with me? So I have not many times left a church service and I am not the type of person to be embarrassed easily, but I happened to be at a wedding this past weekend which is like a double whammy if you leave early. So right before the bride walked in my two year old was in my arms and was quiet as a church mouse, which made me wonder what was coming. She all of a sudden started to shout Ah! Ah! really loudly. To you and to me this means nothing, but my daughter is learning German as she grows up in a bilingual house, and to her (and any German speaker) that word means Poopy! I know the bride pretty well and I know she speaks and understands a good level of German (Her Grandmother is German). So instead of letting the Bride walk down the aisle hearing my daughter yell Ah Ah! Ah Ah! and pointing at her I decided to remove her and not too soon. I walked out the door and the bride was ready right in front of the door to walk down the aisle. So to not ruin her day, or make her laugh hysterically as she walks down the aisle, I decided on the lesser of two evils. Ruining a wedding, or walking out before it starts (no brainer right?). I am not embarrassed easily, but I would have been horrified if my two year old would have ruined someone's beautiful moment. So yes that was pretty embarrassing, but it could have been worse, and yes I walked out of a church service too (sort of). So I sympathize with those who walk out of church services now, but just make sure before you walk out of a church service that it is a matter of horrifying embarrassment before you leave. Or a matter of calling a bride poop at her wedding!
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